21st May 2016 Objects of Matter

Objects of Matter is a textile design studio based in Milan, specialising in the production of bespoke, luxury woven fabrics using the finest quality yarns.


Reader, wherever you are at the moment I am most certain you are surrounded by textiles. Objects of Matter cherishes the value of fabric and aims to make everyday interactions with it precious and beautiful. Often fabric is overlooked as a medium of its own or seen simply as an enhancing component of a garment or a product. In this regard, our specialist work aims to both respect the history and cultural value of textiles, whilst also pushing the boundaries of their creative development. We do our work to celebrate the abilities of textile designers, their willingness and their endeavour, by shaping creativity into meaningful fabric collections that are exclusive to each project.

This philosophy was born at the Royal College of Art, London, and refined from experience of successive projects that have taken us from London and Moscow, and on to our current studio in Milan.