How we work

21st May 2016 Objects of Matter


Objects of Matter presents two lines: METHOD – industrially produced fabrics and ARTISAN – hand-woven fabrics. Additionally, we work on bespoke collections for which we design, prototype & produce textiles to suit the direction of your project. Objects of Matter’s textiles are used for fashion, accessories and interior projects.

METHOD – is the main line presented twice a year. Design process takes place in the Milan studio using the highest quality yarns on the market today. Consequently, the fabric is produced in Como or Biella, all the fabric undergoes finishing processes and strict quality control. We are proud to say that the entire process takes place in Italy. Minimum order quantity is 50 meters per design.

ARTISAN – our limited line, woven entirely on hand-looms in the Milan studio. The unique textile pieces of the ARTISAN line can be used for the creation of fashion runway showpieces, artistic objects and interior decoration such as wall-hangings.